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Thread: Free Anti Virus

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    Free Anti Virus

    I'm looking for a good free anti-virus protection for my sons acer laptop it's os is windows 7 64bit.thanx for any help.

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    My favorite...Microsoft Security Essentials...which Microsoft came out with about a year and a half ago.
    Very good product, low system impact, nag free, simple and intuitive interface, does not need a lot of's pre-set to do its thing quietly. Very good at detection rates and cleaning ability. Install it once...never have to worry about licenses expiring or renewing're done, it's in. As a VAR/consultant/reseller, I have NFR licenses for many different antivirus products (NFR is basically free licenses us tech reps get for ourselves)...and guess what I use on all my home PCs, my own laptop, friends, family, etc...yup..MSE.

    Avast and AntiVir are two other very good products....although they tend to come with a few more nags to upgrade to their Pro (pay for) versions.

    PCTools is pretty good
    Panda has a good one too.
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    Thax a lot!

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