Does anyone remember playing counter-strike at the turn of the century? Counter-Strike was released in its beta stage in the summer of 1999. In the spring of 2000 Counter-Strike Beta 6.1 became the most popular first person shooter online. Then Valve took over! The rest is history.

Counter-strike was unbelievable before Valve bought the publishing rights. The map variety was incredible. This was before the days of de_dust2 and de_inferno. Way back when the M4A1 had a scope and was always silenced. The graphics were rugged and crisp. There was no Steam, no advertisements, no nonsense.

There are currently four servers running Counter-strike Beta 24/7 and have been up for several years now. Installation instructions can be found at

Phalanx Cs beta 6.1 : (Germany)
Phalanx Cs beta 5.2 : (Germany)
NDLP Cs beta 6.1 : (France)
NDLP Cs beta 5.2 : (France)

If you are interested in playing email gordon.tundra01 at or subscribe to our mailing list at Thanks in advance. We are looking forward to play together as soon as possible. And we have another event next week tuesday or thursday. If you can subscribe you will receive a mail for the exact time of the game. We play maps like cs_siege, cs_docks, de_fang, and other great classics!

Bring your old Counter-Strike player friends too so we can make the servers full all the time. GLHF