Recently on the modem, the "online light" randomly goes off. I've been playing around with it and figured out how to get it to come back on.

Theres a Y splitter that splits the line to send one to the modem, one to the TV. (this is the standard configuration for our basement)

If I take the Y splitter out, and hook the modem up directly to the single line, the online light comes back on and internet works fine. (no TV of course). Then I immediately put the Y splitter back in (standard configuration), and the online light comes back on.

I usually have to do this once every 2 days.

* * *

Could this be some signal strength problem? Like maybe the signal on the modem side of the Y splitter degrades until the modem doesnt recognize it? But then when I hook the modem up to the line before the Y splitter, it like jump-starts it and continues to work when I put the Y splitter back in?

Doesn't really make much sense.

Anybody have any ideas?