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Thread: using a Atom D510 as a home server?

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    Question using a Atom D510 as a home server?

    I currently have a server with the following specs

    CPU: 3.6
    asus motherboard
    2 Gig DDR1
    550 watt power supply
    RAID 5 SIIG controller
    3X seagate SATA 500 gig RAID 5
    1x500gig SATA seagate hard drive
    80 gig IDE WD hard drive (OS)

    This server has windows 2003 standard edition and running a VM of exchange 2003 (using 1 gig ram), IIS, and MS VPN.

    Now this system is now 4-5 years old and recently my electricity bills have increased 30% due to our incompetent provincial liberal government.

    I am looking for something with a lower power footprint.
    Could a Intel atom D510 be able to handle what I currently have on my server? I was looking at this motherboard/CPU setup:

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    I have nearly the same motherboard in my 1U chassis at home that runs my UTM firewall. The newer dual core Atoms do great for firewalls They're OK for's no firewall but it does the job. Will it run Server and Exchange? Yeah. Will it run it well? Well...maybe good enough..kinda hard to answer....what's your e-mail volume? How large is your infostore? How many users in active directory? What's doing the antivirus scanning for Exchange? Doing archiving also? I'm guessing you're a home user..probably have one maybe two or three e-mailboxes and not more than a 100 messages a day in and out of which case..yeah, it'll do the job fine. Stuff it with 4 gigs of RAM and a decent hard drive. I used a Seagate Pipeline drive in mine..a slower 5,900rpm drive designed for use in a DVR..meaning designed to be ultra quiet, low power consumption, low heat output, and running 24x7.
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