I currently have a server with the following specs

CPU: 3.6
asus motherboard
2 Gig DDR1
550 watt power supply
RAID 5 SIIG controller
3X seagate SATA 500 gig RAID 5
1x500gig SATA seagate hard drive
80 gig IDE WD hard drive (OS)

This server has windows 2003 standard edition and running a VM of exchange 2003 (using 1 gig ram), IIS, and MS VPN.

Now this system is now 4-5 years old and recently my electricity bills have increased 30% due to our incompetent provincial liberal government.

I am looking for something with a lower power footprint.
Could a Intel atom D510 be able to handle what I currently have on my server? I was looking at this motherboard/CPU setup: