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Thread: Please help me to diagnose this problem

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    Please help me to diagnose this problem

    I have a Sony AR series laptop about 4 years old running Vista 32.

    Recently, it started to show red/green streaks lines and not able to boot all the way to the desktop. But it can be booted up in safe mode. In safe mode also it shows some green color in square patterns.

    I disabled the Nvidia chip through the Device manger. Then I am able to boot up normally with the default resolution. So, I am assuming the Nvidia chip has problems. This Nvidia chip is surface mounted.

    However the green color still appears in random patterns on the screen even though the Nvidia is disabled. I wonder why that color still there. Any other problem?

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    Plug it into a external monitor and Function F4 or whatever button it is for switching displays and see what it shows. Also is it getting air flow good, not getting real hot or the heatsink isn't clogged up to prevent airflow? Fan running?? Installed latest Nvidia drivers for the laptop...nvidia's site can direct you to the proper ones.

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