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Thread: dsl transfer rate

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    dsl transfer rate

    Hello, I am new to this site and figured there would be plenty of helping hands here. I have an ISP that advertises their speed at 3mpbs download and .5mbps upload. My problem has been getting on my nerves the past 2 months and it has to do with my transfer rate. When I used back when I first got my computer I got the advertised speeds (3mb download .5mb up), but now I am lucky to get around 2mb download and over .3mb upload. To add to this problem, when I am downloading things with utorrent or even firefox, I used to get speeds around 300kbps. This is not the case anymore I am extremely lucky if I see 100kbps. I don't know what has gone wrong, if it has anything to do with my computer. I've done research through google and downloaded registry cleaners/defrags, I run antivirus (avira free personal), and I also run malware bytes. Is there any program that I am missing? I really want to get my speeds up again because when I play Black Ops and Crysis Wars I lag extremely bad, so bad that it is unbearable and I refuse to play unless I go LAN at a friends house. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry if this is rudimentary or redundant. Skip the steps you have already taken.
    1. Unplug the modem. 2. Turn off the computer. 3. Have a cup of coffe (or wine, or whatever) 4. replace the phone cable from the wall to the modem. 5. Turn on the modem, have another coffee, or whatever. 6. Restart the computer. 7 Retest speed. 8. If none of this works, have the provider replace the modem. They DO go bad occasionally. Also, verify that your IE, Firefox, etc are the latest versions. Try Google Chrome as well, it is quite fast. Good luck

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    Replace dsl filters they can go bad make sure your modem is isolated from interence rf stuff.... Check to see if the isp offers modem firmware updates it may help...
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