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Thread: No famaly problem here

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    No famaly problem here

    My daughter just walked into the living room and said "Dad cancel my allowance, rent
    my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, stereo, iPhone and
    jewelry to the charity shop. Sell my car, take my front door key and throw me out of
    the house".

    Well she didn't actually put it like that... actually she said... "Dad this is my new
    boyfriend, Mohammad."

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    that will be me in 13 years.....LOL
    Quote Originally Posted by Zilog B
    Loading the dishwasher at brembo's house means bringing the fiancee a sixpack home.

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    I laughed

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    Actually.....that is the first name of one of my new Doctors (specialist)....I thought it rather appropriate
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