got logged out.. dont wanna type this again on my mom's notebook so i'll shorthand.

-windows xp
-last thing i remember doing was youtubing a 720p video
-comp slows
-i try to go back to previous setting
-comp shuts down
-wont boot up
-try booting in safe mode
-gets to sys32/drivers/agp440.sys
-sits a couple seconds
-powers down again

is there any other fix for this than the one microsoft has provided?

here is the microsoft fix (which i will try when all other options are exhausted)
pertaining to microsoft's "solution" (assuming its one that actually works), it asks me to use the windows xp cd. i havent seen that thing in ages to be honest and i dont feel like digging it up. is it possible to use a different windows xp cd in order to access the recovery console and perform the functions its listing?

this is a huge pain in the rear. im not a safemode guru so its even worse. all help appreciated.