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Thread: Is 15% packet loss normal with RR/LanCity?

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    Question Is 15% packet loss normal with RR/LanCity?

    I just had a 2-way LanCity cable modem installed by MediaOne and I'm having problems with packet loss during Quake2. I get pings in the 40's but the packet loss makes gaming worse than with my old 56k modem. It's just too damn jerky.
    I've tried about 20 different servers that used to give me almost zero packet loss and they're all the same - hundreds of red spikes. Is this something wrong with my system or is it something cable modem users just learn to live with?

    Btw..I'm using DeathMon to measure packet loss in Q2.

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    Hmm...I tried repeatedly pinging the same sites from a dos prompt and got no packet loss. What does it all mean??
    Does Q2 have its own size packets or something? What could cause packet loss in Q2 but not in a DOS ping?
    Pleeeease help me.

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    bro I am having the same problem but i have dsl i think it is something they have screwed up with the way they haev me routed or something no one seems to have any answers i also get no packet loss shown in dos and that is what your isp is probably going to go by which is a bunch of crap....I have been dealing with this for two months now was awsome before now crap i cant play any online games ...but my d/l's are fine i dont get payed to know any stuff about this and as you can see i dont and I cant find the answer any where ....also try this please d/l WS_Ping Pro Pack from or wherver and ping those servers and let me know what you get because that proggy shows my packet loss and i bet it will yours too...let me know


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