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Thread: connection help please

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    connection help please

    I have had problems since xmas with speeds and though it was my supplier so i changed even had a new bt line installed but its still under 500kbps

    here are the stats from my router the downstream is 7200 would this mean i should be getting those sort of speeds ??

    please help its doing my head in

    any ideas would be most grateful

    System Up Time 00:18:36
    Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
    WAN PPPoA 2236 2547 0 640 2281 00:16:24
    LAN 10M/100M 3135 3163 0 2259 743 00:18:34
    WLAN 11M/54M 309 0 0 78 0 00:18:31

    ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
    Connection Speed 7200 kbps 448 kbps
    Line Attenuation 31.0 db 15.5 db
    Noise Margin 11.9 db 23.0 db

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    What make/model router do you have? And what make/model "modem" is in front of it?
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