when i play Armagetron which connects people from all over the world to play, my ping is the highest of them all and i am not downloading anything nor do i have the internet running while i am playing. i always have 180+ ping and i cause myself and others to lag. quite frustrating i must say. the company that runs my modem is Clear and i have called them asking why is it that my ping is crazy high and they have no clue. its only when i play online games with others that i have this problem. the type of modem that i have is a Motorola. model # - CPEi 25150. it is directly hooked up to my laptop and the outlet. the servers that i play on are hosted in all parts of the world but even the ones that are hosted here in the U.S. where i live i still have a high ping and major lag. any suggestion?

also i use my mom's laptop that uses a verizon USB internet plug and her ping stays around 130-160. and i find it weird that her USB thing workd better than my modem.