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    Angry Info Sum1 Plz

    Hi...I have Dsl/play games online of my main reasons of getting this dsl was so i could run a server....i have a router...what in gods name do these isp's do to enable the users to run servers???!?!?! is a setting in the router that can be fixed?or is on the ISP end and nothing i can do?
    I'm not the greatest at computers so if sum1 could explain without getting too technical....please please do b4 i go completely insane...thx

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    Good question. It all really depends on what router you have. In most routers there is something called a filter set where you can tell the router what type of connections can come through. If you could post what kind of router you have (brand, model, etc.) then I am sure someone on this board will have the same one you do and could help you out

    Or you could call your ISP or router manufactorer and ask them how to do it.


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    I have a Flowpoint 144-18 IDSL router..thats what it says on the box anyways(router retarded)
    144k is the speed(all i could get)
    not sure if thats enough info..if not..let me know please..i think i might be able to loacte the actual picture and ect. online thnx again


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