Ok here is the problem. For awhile my xbox 360 would always be laggy online. Now when i say laggy, i dont mean red bar lag and people teleporting. I mean the players i am playing are obviously in a later part of the game than I am. They are always a couple steps ahead of where they appear on my screen, so therefor my shots dont register on them and melee attacks are very hard to pull off and they always hit it before I do even though I cleary hit them first.

Now the strange thing is, my brother just got a Ps3 and his games play flawlessly online over wi-fi even though my Xbox is connected through Ethernet. I ruled out 3 things so far. Its not the router because I used different routers. Its not the xbox because my buddy brings his over and its still bad. And its not my ethernet cords because I have used over 5 different ones.

A wireless adapter for 360 is 100 dollars so I dont want to risk buying one if thats truly the problem. If anyone has any suggestions, please answer quickly because this is driving me nuts.