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Thread: Man hit by SUV while playing live Frogger

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    Man hit by SUV while playing live Frogger

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    A man in Clemson, South Carolina, had to be hospitalized after he was hit by an SUV while playing a live version of an arcade game, CNN affiliate WYFF reports.

    The 23-year-old man and some friends were acting out the video game Frogger, in which players try to send frogs across a busy highway without getting run over.

    Police said the man, whose name was not released, yelled "Go!" and darted into traffic, where he was struck by a 2010 Lexus SUV.

    He was treated at a local hospital and released. He is not a Clemson University student, police noted. Neither he nor the SUV driver was charged, police told WYFF.

    London's Daily Mail Online compared the incident to an episode of "Seinfeld" in which George Costanza tries to move a video game across a busy street.

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    Yep.. welcome to South Carolina. (I am happy he is not seriously hurt) But really.. every day to and from work I see people just walking right out in the road no matter if there are cars coming towards them or not. I think it is a "if you hit me I'll sue" kind of thing.
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    Haha totally makes me think of this.
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