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    filezilla server

    I am trying to setup filezilla server and the problem is that even though I can use it from the local network with another filezilla client by using the internal server's ip, it does not work from a filezilla client in a remote location outside of the lan.
    I am using the dyndns domain to accesss as if I had a static ip. I can ping successfully this artificial static ip address. However, there is an error which does not let me log in the filezilla server.
    I get an error like this:

    Error: Could not read from socket: ECONNRESET - Connection reset by peer
    I made sure that I opened the port 36 in the NAT section of my router addressing it to the internal static address of my server. Moreover, there are no firewalls. The windows xp firewall in the server is disabled and there aren't any other firewalls.
    So, am I missing anything?
    Any idea?
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    Have you tried port 20 and 21 yet?
    And since you're going through NAT...some FTP software doesn't mix with the NAT of some routers so try "passive mode".
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    Yeah port 20 is default for filezilla's server, you can change that in the settings. Also might want to setup the user account in filezilla's server settings so you can log in to start with

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    Try choosing a different port, but on your router, try to port forward not only TCP for that port, but also UDP.
    You can use 21, 20 as that is the defaults for a FTP server, but know that it is better security wise to chose different ports.
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