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Thread: Connection question

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    So cat, I hope I have this right run westell modem in bridge mode so it is just a modem, then call vonage and have them turn on firewall feature to activate it so I have firewall coverage? If so, I should be fine after that?


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    You should be able to log into the Westell and flip it to bridged that your own router does the PPPoE authentication/login, and your own router will obtain the public IP address on its WAN interface.

    You should then be able to log into the Vonage router and configure its WAN interface for a PPPoE connection type. You shouldn't have to call and bother Vonage support for this....just run through its configuration just like any home grade DStink or Stinksys or Nutgear router. sure you know your Verizon account PPPoE username and password!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    home grade DStink or Stinksys or Nutgear router.

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    1. to put the westel in bridge mode you need to connect the pc tp it directly by wire, bypass the vonage router.
    3. instructions here.
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    thx Guys for all your help.

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