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Thread: How to merge partition without losing data?

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    How to merge partition without losing data?

    ok heres the dilemma.. I got a barebone kit and got a western digital green hard drive 1.5 tb so im dumb and install windows on it and it runs slow so i try figuring out why come to find out thats the culprit cause it runs slow to save energy and such.. so i had a 320 gb western digital caviar blue sittin around and its 7200 rpm so i installed windows 7 on it today i must say my computer is as fast as it supposed to be now... when i ran just the green hard drive i partitioned it i had 900 something for my os and 450 for for storage and i even partitoned 40 gigs for other os's linux & such if i wanted to install them.. so now that its a storage drive i have 40 gigs and 900 some odd gigs unaccounted for and i wanna merge both with the 450 so i can have all my space back and i cant afford to lose anything so what can i do and what can i use?

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    If it's for "storage" can add that space to your Windows Libraries....or even move your Libraries to that drive.
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    Personally, I recommend PartitionMagic.

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