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Thread: vBulletin bugs

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    vBulletin bugs

    These are bugs when using FF 3.6.12 on Linux:
    Clicking on the Reply To Thread button does nothing.
    Edit Post Quick Reply Reply With Quote work.
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    I tried to tell Philip this is one big a$$ headache. Somethings, like clicking on the forum link at the bottom of the page next to the top button doesn't work in IE 8 either.

    It's like you have to rewrite the whole thing for yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blebs View Post
    It's like you have to rewrite the whole thing for yourself.

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    Using Firefox 3.6.13 at 1440 x 900

    On SG, and only SG, the computer doesn't know whether to add a left/right scroll bar at the bottom of the window or not. So it adds it for a split second, takes it away, adds it, takes it away.

    Over and over. Only since the makeover.

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    IE8/WinXP - Forum Tools > Mark this Forum Read does not work.

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    I don't know if its IE9 or what but I'm having issues with the new format. First off nothing happens when I click "reply to thread"? My mouse cursor changes to the busy icon for brief instant but other than that nothing on screen changes. I end up using the quick reply window. If I rapid fire click the mouse 2 or 3 or more times, sometimes the reply to thread window will open. Also when I scroll though some threads the avatars disappear, all thats left is an empty black box with a white ball in it. The white ball I think is the snow which just stops at the same time. If I switch to compatibility mode I get another set of issues with weird flashing patches of gray and black. I'm using the dark theme. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, IE 9 beta 32 bit. Haven't tried it with the 64 bit version of IE 9 beta yet.
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    First click on reply to thread only puts the cursor in teh quick reply box, a double click opens the full reply page, same as clicking Advanced. Thats just how vB is now.

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