Having begun our broadcast of holiday music, for the 2010 holiday
season, I am seeing a lot of traffic coming from Mexican border
towns. It turns out that Americans who are living in cities
on or near the Mexican border, such as Tijuana, Mexicali,
Rosarito, Juarez, or Matamoros, and commute to work in the
USA are making encrypted VPN connections to their residential
cable or DSL modems in their homes on the Mexican side of the
border and tuning in our station.

The only thing the boss will know is that someone made an
encrypted connection to a residential cable or DSL modem
in Mexico, but won't know anything beyond that.

So if you are runnind a business near the Mexican border and
are seeing strange connections to computers in places
like Tijuana, it is probably someone using their home
computer, in Mexico, to tune in to our station