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Thread: Turtle Beach headsets and HDMI???

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    Turtle Beach headsets and HDMI???

    I recently purchased my first set of Turtle Beach headsets (X-31) for my Xbox 360. The sound is amazing, the overall quality seems quite nice.

    However, the setup (and the included cords) require me to "piggyback" on the RCA cords rather than the HDMI. So even though the sound is great, the picture quality is diminished greatly.

    Maybe I havent searched enough, but does anyone know a way to use these headphones with the HDMI? Or can anyone recommend a nice headset that can be used for the Xbox 360 without sacrificing video quality?


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    Well if your TV has an audio jack port plug it into that. I mean just buy a converter from RCA to 3.5mm then plug it in and youre set. Otherwise there is no possible way to do this due to the nature of HDMI.

    Other than that it's just buying a home stereo system to connect it to which you connect your headset to.
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    You can definitely use Hdmi and the headset at the same time. The Turtlebeach guy on Youtube just answered this same question. Here was his response:

    There are three options for you:

    1) If your TV has RCA (red/white) audio outputs or a headphone output jack, you can connect the headset there.
    2) You can purchase the XBOX HDMI audio adapter. (Search Ebay/Amazon for thisand you can find it for about $5-$15).
    3) You can remove the plastic cover on your XBOX A/V cable so it can fit at the same time as an HDMI cable and allow you to use the RCA's. (YouTube search for "XBOX HDMI HACK" to see how to do this).


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