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Thread: Quake 3 pings after tweaks from this site.....

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    Post Quake 3 pings after tweaks from this site.....

    I was referred to this site through a message board about speeding up my
    cable modem. I am currently using RoadRunner cable service in Central
    The person who referred me used two different techniques from your site.
    First was dedicating 4mb of ram to my NIC. "Adding a 4Mb buffer to your
    Network Card's IRQ would ensure good overall performance and increase
    throughput with broadband Internet connections, such as DSL and Cable
    Modems." Also, he pointed me towards a generic registry speed patch for
    cable modems and xDSL. I used the file. here is my

    overclocked celeron 300a @450
    128Mb pc-100 Sdram
    motorola cable modem
    3com fast etherlink xl 10/100 tx ethernet NIC

    I dedicated 4mb or ram to the nic, and used the patch, and my results
    were first!!! I tested my bandwidth before and after. After
    tweaked the stuff, it went above t2(off the chart)! I also tested my
    bandwidth on other sites by downloading files. For example, i downloaded the
    q3 demo before the tweaks( @ 103 k/s on average. After
    the tweaks i downloaded the q3 demo @ 730k/s!!!!(not exaggerating) I
    recieved similar results from the other sites i tested.

    Here's my problem:
    I play quake3 all the time and i have noticed that my pings are REALLY
    ****** 90's - 120's(usually i pin around 30 - 90) through gamespy, and worse once i get on the
    server. I have only used these tweaks for about three days. My question is, is
    this coincidence(maybe roadrunner is extra busy lately)? If not, how can i lower my ping
    while keeping these tweaks? I've done this on two other machines(similar
    specs, roadrunner also) And they are getting the same downloading, ****** ping...

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    May I ask how you dedicated the RAM to your NIC?

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    Originally posted by DoughBoy:
    May I ask how you dedicated the RAM to your NIC?
    Yes, you may =)

    You have to edit your system.ini file. Start, run, type-->sysedit

    go to the line that says [386Enh] find out the irq of your nic card(we'll use 11 for the example). It was suggested to use 4mb of RAM, especially if you have alot of RAM.
    So, under the line that says [386Enh],
    type Irq[your irq # here]=4096.
    ex. Irq11=4096.

    Reboot your system and whal-ah! HUGE PERFORMANCE INCREASE!

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    Hey !! could I dedicate RAM to my Voodoo2 card?? And how would it help?

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    I think windows by default dedicates a little memory by way of the hardware acceleration slider in display properties. If your card is AGP and capable of using system memory you can go into your BIOS and set the AGP aperature size to larger.If you wanna get a little more performance out of your voodoo card there is plenty of overclocking programs. ** Look under tweaking

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