I just got Sprint's 4G Desktop[ Modem (Motorola CPEi25150) I have PC and an XBOX 360 I wanna connect to the Internet. My Modem connects via ethernet as does my XBOX to my PC with their own NIC. I just added another NIC to be able to do this. I wanted to try to use network wizard to help me set-uo a network and try to bridge. I don't even really know if I'm considered wireless, DSL, broadband, Gateway or what. I'm unsure which option to choose to start my connection. I'm also thoroughly confused if my Sprint modem is a router or if my connections are routing through my PC. Should I in fact bridge vs. ICS? My Sprint Modem gives me all sorts of options to port forward and more or less alot of the same options I see digging around in my settings with the network wizard?? Will they conflict? I have my own firewalls but it looks as if my Sprint modem has it's own as well??? BTW, I currently am able to get internet on both the PC and XBOX as is but why the hell when I power on my xbox my NIC icon doesn't change from a network cable is unplugged to showing a connection when it connects. AAAARRRRGHHH. I can refresh and then it shows connection. WTF????