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Thread: Anyone running UT ???

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    Red face Anyone running UT ???

    When I run UT it takes about a minute + to load then when it does and I start a game it cuts out once in a while. I get about 35 fps, which is playable.

    I have a
    PII 400
    128 meg PC100 SDRAM
    3.2 GB Quantum HDD
    Gullimont Xentor32 TNT2 Video, 32meg
    Intel SE 440BX rev1 MDB

    Accourding to the specs on the game it should run just fine. My question is what kind of FPS do you all get and what kind of hardware are you running? and mode i.e GL, D3D, etc. ? Thanks in advance?

    PS When I say it kinda chugs it is playing in single player with a couple bots.

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    That shuold be fine. At there is a section on tweaking the graphics and frame rate.

    I have almost the exact specs except for a viper550 video card.

    I usually run in D3D at home and software when at work. Ut has problems with your video card and gl. If you are runnin 95/98 use D3D

    I hope this helps

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    Thanks for the help I appreciate it!

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    My specs:
    -128 megs RAM
    -13.6 Quantum KA 7200rpm ata66
    -V3 3500

    * I get around 60-70 fps at 1024*768 in single player games(although i never play single anymore). Your sytem should be fine to get unreal running good since the greatest performance factor in unreal is the video card, with the second being memory. Do what GT says and make sure you are not running in software mode. -Good luck

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    THX battleship


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