On 05 Nov 2010 18:47:33 GMT, Bear Bottoms wrote:

> Puff is Advanced Steganography & Watermarking - Image/Audio/Video (codec
> independent)/Flash support - Multiple carriers chains (up to 512Mb hidden
> stream) - Random per-chain-512bit-cryptography-algorhythms - Data
> whitening - Adaptive LSB + Bits selection level. It's an evolution for
> advanced users of traditional steganography tools. Steganography is a
> smart way to hide data into other files, called carriers. Modified
> carriers will look like the original ones, without perceptible changes.
> Best carriers are videos, images and audio files, since everybody can
> send/receive/download them without suspects. Watermarking is here stated
> as the action of signing a file with your copyright mark. This program
> does it in a steganographic way, applied to videos, images and audio
> files. Your copyright mark will be invisible. Portable. Size: 226 KB. Win
> All.
> http://members.fortunecity.it/blackv...t/PUFFV200.HTM

You better have a clear understanding of what you are doing and what
you are attempting to accomplish on both the insertion and removal
(Alice to Bob) of your data.

Or you're screwed.