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Thread: Help with TP-LINK MR3420

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    Question Help with TP-LINK MR3420

    Dear friends,
    I bought TP-LINK MR3420 3G router and connecte it with Bandluxe C321 modem.
    My problem is with port forwarding, I tried to open some ports in the router for sharing purpose (Emule, Kazaa, Torrent... etc) but ports won't open and always gave me Fail (Emule gave me Low ID).
    I disabled firewall in windows and antivirus but the result won't change, so can anyone help me with this...

    My OS is windows 7 x86

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    any help???

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    Is the modem in a bridge mode? Check to see if there any firmware updates for the modem and router it may help the portforward promblem.

    Try this site to
    Comptia a+ n+

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