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Thread: No legalized pot in California

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    Maybe the voters of California aren't as stupid as I thought.

    Since recreational marijuana use was decriminalized in Massachusetts last year, pot-related trafficking and violence have escalated across the state, frustrated law enforcement officials tell the Herald.

    Smoking weed is not a victimless crime, they say.
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    I car pool with a stoner that is high most every day before riding to work. In Colorado you can get medical dope for any reason. I look at this as a step backward in the evolution chain. Nothing good can come from legalized pot. This guys totaled hi car twice this year and has yet to get busted for substance abuse cause he has a prescription for pot.

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    If you want to put the stop to crime related to pot trafficking, then legalize it. It will no longer be profitable for a criminal when they have to compete with an open market. This *****-footing around with the law is giving the real criminals opportunities. When the penalty is reduce for the average user, but it is still illegal to sell and distribute all you do is create a larger consumer base for the real criminals. If you want to stop the illegal actives and violence associated with these criminal operations. Then legalize pot and corporations will crush those illicit operations like a bug, killing them in open market. Just like they do with so many other small businesses in this country.

    No law will stop illegal distribution of pot better then an open market. Also tax money is not wasted on a fruitless cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by De Plano View Post
    One of the issues was getting up to seven years for smoking "in the presence of a minor" (going from memory so that is probably not a direct quote). While I agree smoking around kids is bad they left it up to a judge to decide what presence constitued. Would that be iin the same room? Same house? Same property? Same apartment complex (in Marin they tried/did make it illegal to smoke in your own apartment)?
    Ironic really, when one considers how damaging second hand tobacco smoke is or how much more potential there is for inappropriate behavior when an adult drinks alcohol in the presence of a minor.
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