Win 7 64 bit - Microsoft Outlook 2010

Concerned that Windows firewall and an ancient Linksys NAT
router might not be enough, I started researching firewalls
once again. I've not used one since Sygate.

Since I run Nod 32 AV very happily, and SAS, also happily, I
was looking for something that was ONLY a firewall and would
be light on resources.

I chose OA Premium - the paid version (trial) because of the
addition of an anti-keylogger and one or two other things.
OA had just recently come out with their 64 bit version for
Win 7, so I figured I was ok.

The first thing that happened was that one of my Outlook
account data files which uses a different server from the
other accounts, became corrupted. Fortunately I backup
every night.

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking. The speech files wouldn't
load because they were corrupted. Again, my backup saved
the day.

Then I started getting errors from NOD32 and discovered that
the OA forum has some posts about problems between the two.
Some posters actually dumped NOD - but I'm not willing to
do that.

The banking mode function simply didn't work and I found
posts about this in the OA forum as well.

I've now removed the OA trial version, used system restore
to go back to the point right before I installed it (I'd
made a restore point), and restored my data files from
external backup. All appears to be functioning properly
again. And of course, I'm back to Windows Firewall!

My impression is that OA Premium 64 bit was not ready for
prime time and they rushed it out, causing me (personally),
many frustrated hours of restoring my machine.

Has anyone had experiences with OA Premium 64 bit on Win 7
with Office 2010?

Comodo doesn't appeal because of their linked AV. Is
there anything else I should try?