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Thread: Using a Wireless Router for wired access in various parts of the house. Please help.

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    Using a Wireless Router for wired access in various parts of the house. Please help.

    Here's my problem, I need to get an xbox online in an upstairs portion of a house. The main wireless router is downstairs, and running an ethernet cable isn't an option, or do I want to spend $99.99 on the wireless connector for the console.

    Is it possible to add a wireless router next to the xbox, connect the xbox by ethernet to that router, and then from that router to my main access point wirelessly, and from there to the internet of course? I have a solid understanding of networking (mostly), but I can't make it work. Seems like I would have to set my default gateway to go out wirelessly and not the LAN port, which I can't find any method of doing, and something tells me it's not that simple.

    The secondary router is a Linksys WRT54GS2, and the main router is a Netgear WGR614 V8.

    Any advice?

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    Smile remote connections

    what you want is called EOP...Ethernet over powerline. It consists of two units that have an RJ45 receptacle and a powerline plug. You connect one of your router's ports to one of these devices and plug the device into the power receptacle in the wall. At the other end, you plug the second unit into the wall, and connect a CAT5 cable to its RJ45 and presto, you have IP at that line now. It uses your house electric lines to transmit.

    NetGear, amongst others, makes these...model# XET1001. RadioShack has them for about $60 for two units. You can add-on more units and spread your coverage all over the house. I have a pair of these and I use them to connect my main router to a remote WiFi access point downstairs and it works very well. Beats the hell out of running cable.

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    Never dreamed that was even possible. Do I just treat that connection as a regular ethernet line? All that sounds like it's on the hardware level, does software even recognize it?

    Thanks =) That's a little cheaper. And very interesting to.

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