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Thread: Making a forum that's illegal in my country...

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    Making a forum that's illegal in my country...

    I'm considering making a forum that would have illegal content for my country, but legal in some others.

    It will be a forum that makes sales between users available. Kind of like an underground market. We're talking about illegal products in my country, but as I said they are legal in some others.

    I don't want the forum to trace or save IP. I rather have it save no information at all.

    It doesn't have to be anything special, just simple and flexible. No cool features or anything.

    Now, how do I do? This all has to have maximum security of course, maximum anonymosity etc. Where to register such a domain? Panama? And where to host? Maybe also Panama? Or is there a host site for these kind of things?

    I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to these kind of things. I have a small website since back in the day, so I know usual html and some css, etc. But never had a forum but it can't be that hard to set up?

    Please guide me through to make this possible! I highly appreciate any help!

    Best regards.

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    I will not sell anything. I will just mod the threads, posts, users and sections. The users themselves will put up their sale threads, etc.

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