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Thread: Slower Speeds on Comcast When Using Router

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    Slower Speeds on Comcast When Using Router

    I just got internet installed, 16mb speeds I believe. I was given the Arris WBM760A modem. I am using the Linksys WRT54GL (which I've had for a long time).

    I've noticed that my speeds are consistently faster when I am plugged into the router directly via ethernet cable compared to when I am using the router wirelessly.

    When connected directly:
    Download Speed: 24994 kbps (3124.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 3460 kbps (432.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

    When using the router wirelessly:
    Download Speed: 9391 kbps (1173.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 3130 kbps (391.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

    I've tried this several times, on different speed test sites, and the results are consistent: I see a noticeable difference in speed when I am connected directly into the router or the modem via ethernet cable.

    I didn't have this issue in the past when I had an RCA modem. I'm wondering if there is some sort of compatibility issue between the Arris modem and the older Linksys router? I just ordered the "free" router from Comcast to see if that will resolve the issue. I think it is a Netgear N series. But does anyone have any thoughts/ideas in the meantime? I tried changing the router's channel and the MTU, but that was not helpful.

    Many thanks!

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    Are you sure your old Linksys and its firmware are compatible with a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem?

    Old devices were designed for the period when internet speed were still at 8 Mbps tops.
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    Actually the wrt54GL model can hang to over 50 megs.

    comcastkid, did you try the wireless tips I had in the post stickied to the top of the wireless forum? With my laptop and its Intel Centrino wireless chipset, I can get about 18 megs wireless performance out of my wrt54gl.
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