The choice of Leo Apotheker as new CEO of H-P by its Board of
Directors does not inspire any confidence and already there are a lot
of lies in the air.

a) Is well known within the Industry that the CEO of Oracle and friend
of Apotheker , Ellison, wanted for a long time to bring down the price
of H-P stock so that he could buy its assets and stock cheap, and many
consider the "Hurd -Fischer" affair a total fabrication to that end.

Of course these 2 will try even to dismiss they know each other, the
fact is that Oracle wants H-P and cheap.

b) while at SAP and before his resignation , Apotheker was found to
slow releases of certain software products that later Oracle got to
the markets first, and Apotheker and Ellison are very good friends, no
matter what they say they share many interests ,partners and friends
in their circles in Tel-Aviv ( at least one , Apotheker , is an
honorary citizen of that Middle East Country )

c) is well known in the European Union that Apotheker is a member and
big supporter of certain militant orthodox groups from the Middle East
and he ( as well as Ellison and many others ) are special advisers to
some members of the Intelligence , Military ,Finance and Government of
that small Middle East country.

d) Apotheker holds interests in various Venture Capital and
Investments companies that could get special contracts and long term
deals from H-P , deals that could be very bad financial decisions for
the Stockholders,Retirees and Workers of H-P and a huge conflict of

e) the employees ( as well as retirees , bond and stockholders) from H-
P will have to look very closely at these key assets and issues :

1) All cash, debt and reserves of H-P , so that well known
Managers and Private Equity friends and partners of Apotheker do not
get special deals and long term "adviser and management" contracts
with huge fees and bonuses.

2) new products, software and hardware, do not get postponed so
that Oracle or others can get them to market first, like many say was
the case in SAP.

3) the vital new line of Palm and mobile software/hardware
technologies do not end up creating income or royalties for the
friends of Apotheker in the Middle East and others .

4) Patents and other assets do not get entangled with these
special interests from the Middle East or some workers inside H-P that
are from that group and with the same agenda , and which many say were
the ones who pushed the most to have Apotheker nominated, a take-over
from within.

5) Involve H-P in bringing into the Company or the USA workforce
certain members of Apotheker's circle with the excuse that they are
the only ones that can do certain jobs, Apotheker is going to try to
bring into H-P his neocon team to slowly take over key positions and
start controlling the company, and will the employees and stockholders
inside H-P wait and watch the store ? with the Rule of Law ?

f) as H-P holds key Military,Security,Intelligence and Law Enforcement
Contracts in the USA , the CEO of the company should and must have a
full security clearance from the Government, and in my opinion, the
new appointed CEO of H-P is not fit to get them, but will Washington
D.C. make an exception and break its own rules ?

This appointment shows huge gaps in the future success of H-P and the
country as a whole ,since H-P is a key company for the whole country,
and now more so with new mobile solutions for the global markets ready
to go in before the key 2010 Holiday season .

This appointment shows in my opinion a lot of "questions and
weaknesses " with the Board of Directors, as well as an insult to
many top executives in the Company, and stockholders must make sure
their interests are not being harmed.

H-P Stockholders and employees must remember that the brand new SEC
regulations let 3% of the stock, investors or groups of shareholders
that have hold the stock for at least 3 years , to put candidates on
proxy statements , nominate at least one director and as much as 25 %
of the Board, etc., so since the most important thing is to make sure
HP reaches its full potential right now with all its software and
hardware components , there are many options and active choices to
defend this vital USA asset, the key is to speak up before its too

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