Tried this on alt.cellular, but no nibbles.

Dunno where else to try except here.
I've got one of these things:

It's claim to fame is that if I pick up any telephone in my house
and dial any number wrapped in "**" at the beginning and "#" at
the end, it will automagically route the call through Skype
instead of my regular Verizon phone service. It works in
conjunction with a driver/enabeler application running on a PC.

It works... mostly.... but the driver/enabeler program will not
run under Windows Home Server - which is my 24-7 box - or, more
correctly I suspect, the WSH box will not recognize the device.

I've got it running on an old Windows XP box, but that gets
pricey running 24-7 for no other reason.

One option would be to cobble together a Mini-XT box which would
draw about 20 watts. Another would be to get a used netbook -
which I'm guessing would draw a like amount.

But what I'm really looking for is a self-contained box that does
it all - somehow running Skype all by itself and drawing only a
few watts.

Seems like outfits like Cisco should be all over this - but I
can't get past the terminology/acronyms to figure out what
devices are relevant.

Anybody have something that works for them?