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Thread: CompTIA new "Advanced Security" exam?

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    CompTIA new "Advanced Security" exam?

    Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

    For example, will this cert compete with the CISSP for acceptance by
    DoD Directive 8570?

    I am guessing that is what comptia is striving for.

    Will the exam take prerequisites? Will it be longer, and harder, than
    CompTIA's standard joke exams?

    Any guess as to when the exam will be out? I would guess about one
    year from now.

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    I honestly dont have any Cert . and i got from Help-desk LV1 to Senior System admins. just with skills , honestly dude just feel it . practice it use a virtual machine. and like what you doing.
    the only one i would considered is Cisco Security or Any Cisco Cert.

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