My wife and I are wondering if there is anything out there (worth the bother) to watch movies online? This all started when we wanted to rent the movie "The Lion King" for our 4,3,&1 year olds to watch. We couldn't find it at the local blockbuster or redbox so we checked netflix (which we have a subscription to) but unfortunately, everything came up dry.

So, I have looked online and found some things like iReel, and ClickPotato but the reviews have stopped me from going any further. I don't know if the reviews are just rants or if they are legit. It looks pretty bad for ClickPotato though...

So, does anyone have a good "online movie rental" source? I am not looking for warez or pirated stuff. I am looking for a legit site/source that is either free or reasonable on the rentals.

Thanks in advance,