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> On Sep 17, 4:42*am, Anonymous <cri...@ecn.org> wrote:
>> Paulo Marques wrote:
>>> a wrote:
>>>> **** off, Ari. You're just trolling John for the sake of being
>>>> difficult. Hundreds of apps exist where you don't know the makers and
>>>> their history.

>>> Ari's arguments might not have been expressed in the best of ways (to
>>> put it mildly) but he is

>> <snip>
>> Thing is... Sliverdick doesn't have clue one what it's babbling on about.

> (1) Belittling an adversary by perverting his/her name shows that
> you have nothing relevant to say except childish name-calling. I
> don't agree with Ari, but I will carry on a civilized debate with
> him. Your name-calling simply shows you to be an immature jerk.
> (2) Regardless of the merits of his discussion, at least he has the
> courage to post under his own name. He stands by what he says.
> You, on the other hand, are a COWARD.

You can bet he doesn't pull $400/hr either, Bob.