This involved a home wireless G network that includes 3 PCs, 2 running
XP and one running Windows 7. There are 2 routers connected to each
other by cable to extend the range. The problem router is a SMCWBR14-G.
The wlan was set up years ago and runs fine and connects fine to the
internet via Cox cable.

My problem is that I cannot access the SMC router's logon screen. When I
try to reach with either IE8 or Firefox 3.1.2 on any of my
PCs, I get "waiting for response" until finally the connection resets.
This happens whether I use a direct cable connection or try wireless and
both with the PCs using XP or Windows 7.

Yet the router works and connects to the internet just fine on all these

I finally found an old laptop I had not used for years, a Dell Inspiron
8100 running Windows XP and it connects and opens the logon screen even
wirelessly just fine. But I need to be able to access the logon screen
from another more recent PC.

I've played around with various settings, disabled my firewalls, all to
no effect. I suspect the problem may be that my current PCs use ips of
192.168.1.xx (because of my main router) while the Dell is a 192.168.2.xx

I really do not want to mess around and change with the ips on my
current PCs and possibly mess up my current wlan and internet access. Is
there a way around this access problem?

Thank you.