I've been having this problem for sometime and have tried to sort this out myself to no avail.

I disconnect from the game ,then i will log back in within a sec of DCing and get another DC with in 3-4 secs , after the 2nd DC I can go without any DC for maybe 30 mintues and then this cycle starts all over again.

I have run mailware scans run, virus checks , formatted and run the game without addons , I still have the same problem.

I am connected to the internet via a network, Our network ISP is BT which uses a dynamic IP address ., I did portforward ports recommend by WoW Devs. Does portforwarding with a dynamic IP addressing system work ?

I have spoken to my network administrator who gave my access to the router so I could setup these ports to forward.

Does anyone know of any free software I could run that would tell me whats causing my to DC .

Its not a crash ., so there's no logs to give any ideas

My ping to the game is great , the game itself runs great too

This issue has been going on for maybe 2-3 months . sometimes I can have no problem at all.

Please help if anyone can

Thx upfront

By the way I posted on WoW forums hoping for an answer there too.

I did have an old nic here at speedguide , I've just forgotten which email address I use to use.