Hi everybody!

I just joined because my connection is 4096/512 but since yesterday it has dropped to 512/512 , curiously when I disconnect the modem from my PC I see the "receive" light blinking a lot like if I were downloading a lot, I have tried turning it off for hours to no avail.

Sat Aug 21 14:46:34 2010 Critical (3) Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received -

This is the only line in my log.

I called mi ISP and they told me my connection is dropping packets.

the question is :

why the receive light is blinking despite the modem is disconnected? is maybe my ISP throttling my speed?

why I am getting 512 k in download so perfect , stable , upload has not dropped? they said that is ok.

other data :

Downstream Channel:

Downstream Status Operational

Channel ID 50

Downstream Frequency 837000000 Hz

Modulation 256QAM

Bit Rate 4104000 bits/sec

Power Level -5.4 dBmV

Signal to Noise Ratio 33.8 dB

Upstream Channel:

Upstream Status Operational

Channel ID 7

Upstream Frequency 29200000 Hz

Modulation 64QAM

Bit Rate 544000 bits/sec

Power Level 52.4 dBmV

thanks for all you can tell about this situation