I am relative newbie to routing & networking

I am trying to use a debian box for load balancing & failover.
I found this guide which lays down the steps -

It seems to be a nice & simple guide, but I have a few questions.

1)The failover seems to be accomplished by using the gc_timeout
parameter - by setting it to a low value like 10. Won't this cause the
route caches to be destroyed & reacreated every 10 seconds - i.e won't
this be rather inefficient?

2) The guide has some stuff common to the guide published at lartc site.
However, there are significant differences. The lartc guide adds entries
to the the rt_tables & routes based on those - is that not neccessary.

3) I am a little confused about dns servers in the whole scenario. Many
a times a DNS Server can be used only when you are connected through a
particular ISP - i.e. it's the ISP's private DNS Server. So what do we
do in the load balancing/failover case to ensure that the DNS query goes
to the right DNS Server?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question. If not, please
as to what's a better place for this question. The lartc mailing list & IRC
seem to be dead. And I didn't get any responses in