I have connected a Tandberg video conference equipment outside the
firewall and assigned a real IP say, to it. I only
turn on the video conference equipment when we need to use it.

Now I have a test server which is protected by the Netscreen-25
firewall and need to do some testing using a real IP. I don't want to
rent an IP for such temporary purpose. As the IP for the video
conference equipment is seldom used, I intend to map this IP on the
Netscreen-25 firewall to the testing server.

I would like to know if doing this, when I turn on the Tandberg video
conference equipment, will it cause any problem? If someone tries to
connect to, will it connect to the Tandberg equipment
or the internal test server?

I know that I could just remove the mapping on the Netscreen when I
need to use the Tandberg equipment, but it will mean that I want to
save the trouble.