My network was an old d-Link router (WEP, 8.11b) hooked to a DSL modem and
wired to my desktop. After Comcast unwired my router and hooked it to their
cable modem (the Comcast modem is also connected to the phone line) they
told me to plug in a USB wireless adapter on my desktop and I should be
fine. So I got a d-Link N adapter and plugged it in but it doesn't see any
networks, but my laptop can see my network and all our neighbors' networks.
(the laptop can't connect to my address because I didn't include its MAC
address on my router). I hooked my router back to my old DSL modem and
desktop but it still won't connect. It says unidentified network. Any
suggestions? Why doesn't my adapter work? And why doesn't my old DSL modem
work the way it used to?

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