Today I wanted to hardware reset my WAG354G ver.1.0 using the "Boot" option
in its' firmware,
and after the windows login box - Username and Password is entered, up pops
one from the Linksys firm/software in it, labelled,
Gatway Login name / Password, and when I enter them, the Linksys login box
fills up with IE "unable to display the page" etc.

After fighting with it for a long time, set to compatibility
mode in IE8 - no difference,
tried switching on SNMP and setting IP address to same as Gateway
and "Trap Management" password to same password as that for Gateway,
"Trap to" is unchanged from default at
and Hey presto, Linksys Hard and Soft "boot" now work okay.

Any idea what's going on here, (I know VERY little about networking), I'm
wondering is it's something to do with IE going from version 7 to version 8
during the past few months, I haven't rummaged in the WAG354G (adsl
modem+router+wifi) for several months.

I have Sun Java (build 1.6.0_21-b07) installed, (I noticed *.jsp script /
pathnames whilst I was digging around tryign to get the thing to either hard
or soft boot from Linksys menus, (in IE8 window),

....I've never had to switch on SNMP in it to get the "boot" hard or soft, to
work in it, ever since I've had it.

....any info. appreciated,

regards, Richard