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Thread: The news links do not work

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    Question The news links do not work

    Quote Originally Posted by news View Post
    Microsoft has named the date for the first beta of its successor to Internet Explorer 8. You 'll be able to download beta code for IE9 on September 15, the company said Thursday. Microsoft told The Reg that it 's not releasing code to MSDN subscribers in advance, followed by everybody else. Microsoft is planning to formally open the download gates for IE9 at an event in San Francisco called "Beauty of the Web ". The beta will finally unveil the IE9 interface that 's so far been ...


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    Links take me no where.

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    Hey CD, sorry! I always forget about this forum! Anyway, I just checked and the link seems to work now. (I went back to your original post date and located the news post. I even edited the link above in your quote, just for you! ) Perhaps someone fixed the link and forgot to post!
    Thanks for letting us know and I will endeaver to check this forum more often. Please let me know if you find any other malfunctioning links.

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