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Thread: McNugget Rage!

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    McNugget Rage!

    what in the world is going on with people...

    Call it a case of McNuggets Rage.

    Police in Toledo, Ohio have just released surveillance video of an incident from New Year's Day.

    They say it shows 25-year-old Melodi Dushane driving up to a McDonald's drive-through window with a neighbor at about 6:30 in the morning, and objecting strongly when told she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets at that hour, because the eatery had started serving breakfast at 2:30.

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    I saw that. Pretty funny. Not only did they say she suffers from panic attacks and she was drunk too! No, I can't believe it! lol

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    I like how as soon as she drove away, they continued serving the other customers in line as if nothing happened. Now that's service!

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    Thatís pretty funny

    I canít imagine getting that mad cause I canít have McNuggets. I wouldnít get that mad but Iíd be pretty pissed off if thatĎs all they had.
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