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Thread: The mosque in NYC

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    Quote Originally Posted by YARDofSTUF View Post
    Another question, if 2 blocks away isnt far enough, how many blocks away should a mosque be?
    Apparently four blocks, the controversy does not start until you move in two more blocks.

    With all the outrage surrounding Cordoba House, a planned Islamic community center that will be built a couple blocks from the site of the Twin Towers, you might think that the nearby area is completely lacking in any Muslim structures. After all, why would people make such a hubbub about a building that will provide a swimming pool, restaurant, bookstores, and meeting spaces in addition to a mosque with right-wingers dubbing the structure the "Ground Zero Mosque" to fan the flames if there's already a mosque in the area?

    Well, four blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks, there's already a mosque. And the Masjid Manhattan has existed there for decades without being the subject of this level of media frenzy.

    As the New York Times points out, the planned site of the Cordoba House, a former Burlington Coat Factory, is already serving as a spillover space for Muslim practitioners from this mosque and another 12 blocks from the World Trade Center, small locations that "routinely turn people away for lack of space."
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    You know, I could spend some time talking about the first amendment, about how appeasing the majority isn't always the way to go (uh...we're a republic), etc. but this Daily Show clip will work just as well. Stay classy, SG.

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