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Thread: counter-strike help

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    Angry counter-strike help

    my problem is that i have a cable modem and can only update about 200 servers in counterstrike it recognizes that there are 3600 servers but only brings back 200. also, 2 days ago when i played cs my ping was 50-100 now its 200+!! im getting really pissed! plz help me! this has never happened before.

    duron 700
    64mb 133 ram
    SMC Router
    Surboard Cable modem sb3100 (@home)

    This was written by someone on the cstrike forum:
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sign up there and post your question. it has something to do with receiving too many responses and floods some port. you have to make it larger but i cant remember what it was. this is mainly a problem with routers but can happen on just a modem.

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    I use the Ugate 3200 router and I've had no problems in CS. I was getting fewer servers than normal during the migration from 1101 to 1104, but now it seems to be back to normal.

    As for my ping, it varies a lot from server to server-it always has. Recently I've gotten from 40s to 150s.

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    Hey gonsog99,

    First off you must call your ISP and complain that your ping is going sky-high...

    And, get GameSpy3D to find your servers. I can only assume that you are using the HL shell to get games.

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    Also, run a tracert to some servers and see if you are getting any packetloss. My ISP, was upgrading their equipment and I was getting a tremendous amount of packetloss. They have sinced rectified the problem and I'm getting nice pings again

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    You seem to be confused by Half-Life version's filter function. Go here for more info.

    The new filters only look for the criteria that you specify!

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    First off, realize that cable modems are a poor gaming choice because of their nature. During peak time its responsivness will be in the dirt.

    The 200 servers you are getting back are the filtered servers. Try going to "filters" and readjusting your options.

    Your hop count is going to be your true enemy when it comes good ping times. Try using GameSpy. It displays the hop counts. (lower the better, of course)

    Because I'm too lazy to use GameSpy I list the servers as usual (through Halflife) and hit "View Game Info" about 10x or so. Each time I look at the ping... if it looks like a decent ping and it's not jumpy it's usually acceptable.

    In console type "netgraph 1" to display the new HL netgraph. It's a good tool to monitor your ping. The graph is fully customizable and it has low overhead.

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    try netgraph 3. as soon as i turned on netgraph 1, my ping skyrocketed and my fps took a skydive. netgraph 3 is the original netgraph from HL =)

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    use kali found at or use gamespy, they both are much better for finding servers.
    as far as the ping goes you need to do tracerts to the servers in question to find out where the problem is. if it is within your ISPs network you can do soemthing about it, if it isnt you are mostly out of luck...


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