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Thread: Friend got GTX 465 GC as well but a diff PSU

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    Friend got GTX 465 GC as well but a diff PSU

    He got the PNY GeForce GTX 465 for his computer but when he tried to get the same PSU I had, the 750w from Thermaltake, they didn't have it and gave him a 700w OCZ ModXStream-PRO PSU,, and said that would supply him with the power needed for one GTX 465

    So I figured I would ask more knowledgeable people and see if that would just work or if it doesn't work at all?!

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    It should be. 25 amps on each 12v rail and at max power usage the card needs 200 watts, that leaves 500 watts for the rest of the system.

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    Should Work

    I have both Power Supplies your asking about in two different machines and I have't had a problem with either of them. I like the Thermaltake supply a bit more, (but thats has to do with fan placement) but the specs are so close unless your running a Triple SLI rig you shouldn't have any problems. Post the system Specs you probalby aren't running much over 400W with a single GPU.
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    A quality 500w would prolly suffice, so he should be good.

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