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Thread: batch file to create a file from outlook

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    batch file to create a file from outlook

    I am working in a reporting tool and all the reports are scheduled at a particular time. The problem is that some of the tables are loaded, before the report refreshes. Is there any way of writing a batch file to create a file when the table loads. The only alert is, I will get a mail in my poutlook when the tables are loaded and I want to trigger my report based on that. Here is my requirement.

    1) Create a batch file to extract a mail (based upon a Subject) from my inbox and create a text file (dummy File) in the windows server which I have access.
    2) The batch file should run from the server and is it possible to check my outlook mail every 5 minutes?
    3) Is there any code to do this?

    I can trigger my reporting based on the dummy file, but I am not sure how to create the file from my inbox and moving the file to a particular path in the server. Thanks.

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    I don't believe external batch files can read Outlook messages or manipulate Outlook itself. But you can use message rules to run a script or batch file.

    You can create a message rule such as "when get message with the subject 'apples' run the batch file. But, afaik, outlook does not have available APIs to allow external programs or scripts to control its functions.
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    Thumbs up Thanks.

    Fantastic. Your solution gave me a different angle to my problem. I did the way you recommended and it works. Thanks.

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    unfortunately, the rule which i created is 'Client -only' rule , because i use rule 'Start an application'. I need to think of it, to change it to server based.

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