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Thread: Slow upload speed

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    Slow upload speed

    Hey lads, i was hoping i could get some feedback here.

    I have a 12 mbit per second ADSL broadband, but im having a problem.

    Download speed is about 10 mbit per second in tests which i see no harm in.

    But my upload speed is 0.65 mbit per second, on a 12 mbit per second broadband, is this normal or have i ****ed up any of my settings?

    Normally upload speed isent that important but when it comes to uploading files and hosting game matches and things like that, its really annoying.

    My OS is windows 7 x64.

    Just ask if you need more information and ill gladly provide it.

    Thanks in advance, Eclipse
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    Am i doomed to have a slow upload speed? D:

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    Will depend on the upload speed limit imposed by your ISP. If the cap of your ISP is 768kbps, you are testing close to the cap.
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    So theres nothing i can do about it?

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    Slow Upload Win 7 x64

    Post your results from the TCP Analyzer. Are you using the newest Version of TCPOptomizer?
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